The Art of Romance

Andy will be covering a section ‘the art of romance’ which will take you briefly on a journey of his amazing life story, providing basic tips, experiences and practical advice in the art of romance from the perspective of living with a high-level spinal-cord injury. 

About Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker MBE is an international disability consultant and motivational speaker who since his tragic accident in 2008k which left him paralysed from the neck down, has continued to show extraordinary leadership, resilience, courage and determination.  Since his accident Andy has achieved many ‘World Firsts’ breaking the convention of what people perceive is possible living with a high-level spinal injury. Andy’s achievements epitomise the concept of defying boundaries and pushing limits, including life-threatening challenges: leading a world first ‘Chin’ cycle across Kenya (BBC’s InsideOut documentary), climbing the U.K.’s most notorious mountains in treacherous conditions, piloting planes & sailing with specialist head controls, demonstrating the power of the mind during the groundbreaking world first ‘Mind tune’ (check out the amazing video!), appearing in one of the U.K.’s leading soap dramas Emmerdale & becoming one of the U.K.’s most prominent and leading figures as a consultant for disability issues through his Company LYDC Ltd.