The Art & Science of Sexual Arousal

The aim of this session is to provide an overview of the importance of sexual arousal, the
science behind it and how we can learn to maximise our sexual pleasure.

1. To understand the physiology of sexual arousal
2. Key models of sexual response
3. The importance of understanding our unique arousal patterns and behaviours
4. To provide practical strategies to enhance our individual experiences of sexual
interest and arousal

First Part
This will focus on understanding the differences between spontaneous desire and
responsive arousal and what happens physiologically during sexual arousal.
A brief overview of Models of sexual response
1. Masters and Johnson
2. Helen Kaplan
3. Rosemary Basson
4. Dual control model
Physical, emotional, psychological and relational factors that can impact on our sexual
arousal and pleasure.

Second Part
By using the dual control model we can learn to identify what turns us on and what turns us off sexually, including the importance of context.
A simple exercise will be presented to help us compare different sexual scenarios we have experienced either alone or with a partner/s, to highlight our own individual arousal template.
Participants will not be asked to share this.
Practical Techniques to enhance our pleasure and will include
– Simmering
– M and M evenings (massage and masturbation)
– Pelvic floor exercises (kegels)
– Relaxation, mindfulness, tantra
– Mindfulness masturbation
– Using vibrators and vacuum devices
– Lubricants, emollients, moisturisers
– Erotic (podcasts, pornography, literature
– Practical positioning
Useful resources

Birth and Pregnancy while Disabled Panel

Moderated by Angela Gregory, this will be a discussion birth and pregnancy while disabled with Robin Wilson-Beattie.

Moderator: Angela Gregory (UK)

Panelists: Robin Wilson-Beattie (USA)

About Angela Gregory

Angela Gregory Psychosexual Therapist COSRT acc

For the past 20 years I have work as the Lead for Psychosexual Services at a busy NHS
clinic. Our service takes referrals from both GP practices and hospital specialties and we
work closely with our clinical colleagues to provide holistic care. I lecture locally, nationally and internationally mainly to medical colleague and my passion is
to educate and encourage them to address sexual concerns with their patients. Sexuality and sexual function are intrinsic aspects of what it means to be human and providing help and support for those who experience sexual difficulties should be a routine aspect of clinical care.