Womxn Sexuality & Disability Panel

Moderated by Angela Car, this session will have panelists consisting of people who identify as women discuss their love, sex and dating lives while living with their disability.

Moderator: Angela Car


Lorraine Stanley (UK)

Emma Buckett (UK)

Alex Cowan (UK)

Carlene Purcell (UK)

Sex & Disabilities Advocacy Panel

Moderated by Tuppy Owens, this session will have panelists discuss their work advocating for positive sexuality for people with disabilities.

Moderator: Tuppy Owens


Lorraine Stanley (UK) 

Dr. Bronek Boszczyk (Germany)

Claire Thornber (UK)



About Lorraine Stanley

Lorraine Stanley – Founder & Managing Director of SWAD (Sex With a Difference)

Many years experience within the NHS and local government. Able to work with health and scientific professionals at all levels; and with lay people.

Passionate about inclusive sexual health information, and service provision to people with disabilities or long term health conditions. Personal lived experience of being a wheelchair user, neurological disease, mental health issues and autism. A trained Peer Supporter- “do what you can, when you can”.

Contributor to a research project “Sexual Citizenship and Disability – Implications for Theory, Practice and Policy” by Dr Julia Bahner.