The Art of Tease

Award-winning striptease artist turned erotic empowerment coach, Ruth Ramsay (aka Solitaire), presents a workshop on The Art Of Tease. Ruth will share what she learned through performing for audiences with disabilities, then teach a practical workshop, including: tips on connecting to and expressing your erotic energy; connecting with your audience; teasing with accessories (seated: please wear a satin/silk scarf around your neck, satin gloves or a feather boa to take part); and removing outerwear (standing: wear a blouse/shirt to take part). We will all then ‘perform’ together. All welcome, to observe or participate. Please note this workshop contains no nudity.

About Ruth Ramsay

Ruth Ramsay (aka Solitaire) is an award-winning striptease artist turned erotic empowerment coach. She combines her decade-plus of working directly with erotic energy and belief in this as a force for good, with life coaching skills, to enable her clients to transform their sexual and erotic lives. She won an Erotic Award in 2012 in recognition of her volunteering, campaigning and fundraising for the erotic rights of people with disabilities. She will present an ‘Art Of Tease‘ workshop at Love Abilities.