Personal Self Defence – Tailored for People with Special Needs

Self Defence is a skill meant for everyone and anyone. With a modification and customisation of techniques, anyone can defend themselves against even a much stronger and larger opponent. Modern Street Combatives teaches the study of psychology, bio mechanics and laws of physics to empower an individual to get out of worst case scenarios without relying on strength. In this 1.5 hour workshop, we will look at some common worst case scenarios and how individuals with disabilities (such as those who are wheelchair bound or with some mobility issues) might get away from such dangers. 

About Yunquan Qin

Qin Yunquan is the CEO and Co-founder of Kapap Academy, Singapore’s leading realistic self defence school. Yunquan, co-founded an eclectic system of street style fighting, known as Modern Street Combatives, together with her teacher, Master Teo. Modern Street Combatives draws upon realistic self defense systems such as KAPAP, Catch Wrestling, Gracie Combatives, Savate etc. In recognition of Yunquan’s contributions to society in helping ordinary people stay safe, she was personally conferred by Her Majesty the Queen of England the status of Queen’s Young Leaders for Singapore (2017).