Dating with Disabilities Panel

Moderated by Michelle Donald, this session will have panelists discuss navigating dating with disabilities in our modern society.

Moderator: Michelle Donald (UK)


Dr. Richard Bruno (USA)

Jennie Williams (UK) 

Emily Rose Yates (UK)

About Dr. Richard Bruno

Chairperson, International Post-Polio Task Force and Director, The Post-Polio Institute and International Centre for Polio Education

Dr. Richard Bruno, a clinical and research psychophysiologist, is internationally known as the foremost expert on Post-Polio Sequelae (PPS, “post-polio syndrome”), the unexpected and often disabling symptoms that occur decades after the poliovirus attack. He has broad interests including the cause and treatment of chronic pain, the prediction of behavior and treatment outcomes in rehabilitation and the societal response to disability. Bruno is also an expert on the psychopathology of “apotemnophillia,” a condition in which non-disabled individuals are attracted to those with disabilities, pretend to be disabled and want to become disabled.