Psychosexual Case Studies

Client stories from my practice, how diverse the work can be.

I tell it as it is and my intention is not to offend, I like to include the humour within the work – Often laughter helps calm my clients nerves in approaching what can be a difficult subject with a therapist, or anyone !

Dating with Disabilities Panel

Moderated by Michelle Donald, this session will have panelists discuss navigating dating with disabilities in our modern society.

Moderator: Michelle Donald (UK)


Dr. Richard Bruno (USA)

Jennie Williams (UK)

Emily Rose Yates (UK)

About Michelle Donald

Michelle Donald (PG Dip PST) is an Accredited Psychosexual Therapist; a senior member of the College Of Sex and Relationship Therapists. (COSRT) Her expertise is in the areas of sexual dysfunction related to spinal cord injury and the relationship issues that a SCI may bring with it. Michelle believes it is necessary to address the issue of how important sexuality is after a spinal cord injury, knowing that this aspect is often neglected, with the focus being on physical issues.. Michelle provides education and therapy programmes to private clients via video platform and patients at Southport and Oswestry Spinal Centres to help with feelings about embarking on a different intimate life. Most recently she has been part of a research project looking at women’s experiences of sexuality after SCI. She educates staff to think about their role in opening up the subject and how sexual rehabilitation can be effectively integrated during the rehabilitation period, Michelle delivers high quality training around sexuality and relationships, illness, disability, and carer support to relevant groups and institutions across the UK.