Mxn Sexuality & Disability Panel

Moderatd by Chris Dabbs, this session will have panelists consisting of people who identify as men discuss their love, sex and dating lives while living with their disability.

Moderator: Chris Dabbs

E Winter Tashlin (UK)

About Michael Kiel

Michael Kiel is a rehab specialist, advocate and author from Pennsylvania USA. Michael was shot in the neck during his sophomore year of college, resulting in a complete C3-C4 spinal cord injury. After rehabilitating at Shepherd Spinal Center, Michael returned to college, gaining a BS and MA. He is currently employed through the University of Pittsburgh. He has spent the last 20 years working with young adults with disabilities while they pursue vocational training. He sits on several Boards of Directors and enjoys traveling, playing chess, friendship, laughing and writing. He published his memoir, Challenge the Moment, in 2019.