Mxn Sexuality & Disability Panel

Moderatd by Chris Dabbs, this session will have panelists consisting of people who identify as men discuss their love, sex and dating lives while living with their disability.

Moderator: Chris Dabbs


Gary Dawson (UK)

Michael Kiel (USA)

E Winter Tashlin (UK)

About Chris Dabbs

I work as a journalist on Motorcycle News and also on the Patient Education team at the NSIC. I got my spinal injury in 1993 when accepted wisdom was that post-injury male fertility was lost too. Thanks to the pioneering work done by my first consultant, the late Brian Gardner, the team at Stoke were able to show me how I could harvest my semen without invasive methods. I was able to replicate that technique in a calm environment at home and 23 years later my son George is living as full a life as I did at his age.