I am enough! Self-Love and Mental Resiliency

Those of us with disabilities certainly face challenges in relationships, dating and sex. It can be hard not to feel overwhelmed or depressed. We may sometimes feel like giving up. As much as we need to take care of our physical health, it is just as important that we take care of our emotional health. Come to this workshop to learn about being kind to yourself. You too are worthy of love! Angela will share tips including mindfulness, meditation, gratitude lists, journaling, and positive self-talk. We will also discuss when and how to seek therapy and/or medications.

Womxn Sexuality & Disability Panel

Moderator: Angela Car

About Angela Car

Angela Car is a sex positive disability educator born with Spina Bifida. Angela shares her unique perspective navigating relationships, sex and intimacy. Angela has 20 years of experience in both the mental health and disability fields. Her areas of expertise include LGBTQ+, bladder and bowel incontinence, polyamory and kink. Angela’s podcast called DISIRabilityALT explores disability, desire and alternative relationships. You can also subscribe to her blog http://disirability.com. Angela can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @DISIRability. Angela also organizes a private Facebook group called Sexual Health for Women with Disabilities. All who identify as female are welcome.




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