Womxn Sexuality & Disability Panel

Moderated by Angela Car, this session will have panelists consisting of people who identify as women discuss their love, sex and dating lives while living with their disability.

About Carlene Purcell

I live in Manchester with my wife Abigail. I am spinally injured, following 2 occurrences of Cauda Equina Syndrome. Since then I have been on a journey of self-discovery through rehabilitation, therapy & self-development. Abigail and I continue to learn how my physical changes translates into a new kind of fulfilling & intimate relationship. Recently I was a guest on ‘We’re Having Gay Sex’, a comedy podcast which talks frankly about sex. I spoke about my experiences of sex following my SCI & psychosexual therapy, with a good measure of humour (Episode – ‘Carlene Purcell Doesn’t Booby Honk’).

Instagram: www.instagram.com/carls_mmu