Invisible Disabilities Panel

Moderated by Joyen, this session will have panelists who have invisible disabilities discussing their personal lives. 

Moderator: Joyen (Philippines)


Tania Chatterjee (USA)

Nellie Wilson (USA)

Katie Sarra (UK)

Daniel Jones (UK)


JOYEN is a Performance-style Dominatrix specializing in rope bondage and BDSM performances and is also the Philippines’ first homegrown international burlesque performer. She is an alternative model and avant-garde performer specializing in fetish, erotic, burlesque, and striptease. She is a staunch advocate of enabling female sexuality through movement and performance. JOYEN is most proud of performing her signature Aerial Bondage and burlesque act at the opening act of Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 and high fashion queen, Violet Chachki’s debut in Manila with a tantalizing show that explores sexuality, celebrates a broader spectrum of beauty and promotes self-love.

A consummate professional and a world-class entertainer, Joyen continues to develop her artistic abilities and forge meaningful connections with related artists in Asia and beyond, in her unending quest to produce and perform meaningful acts that grip the soul.