Invisible Disabilities Panel

Moderated by Joyen, this session will have panelists who have invisible disabilities discussing their personal lives. 

Moderator: Joyen (Philippines)


Tania Chatterjee (USA)

Nellie Wilson (USA)

Katie Sarra (UK)

Daniel Jones (UK)

About Katie Sarra

Katie Sarra is a Body Poet, Eros Embodiment Therapist and Educator, Art Psychotherapist, Certified Wheel of Consent Facilitator, Playback Theatre performer, Artist and Writer. She is co-founder of the Sea School of Embodiment which facilitates leading-edge professional development trainings in embodiment and co-head of the UK & Ireland trainings in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. Her specialism is affective relational neuroscience and has developed a coaching modality called Body Poem to support the integration of censored and exiled parts of ourselves to support “feeling more of ourselves to fear less, trusting spontaneity and co-creating win-win harmonious decisions.” I believe every human being has gifts to share and that our self-acceptance ripples out to support care with others. “We are all the same under the skin but as humans, we have a special responsibility on this planet.” – Jaak Panksepp
. In 2009, Katie won Erotic Artist of the year at the Sexual freedom awards as part of her work with the outsider’s organisation creating intimate and erotic oil paintings of people living with disabilities celebrating body image.