Sexual Aids/ Toys & Disability Panel

Moderated by Jeremy Shub, this session will have panelists discuss the use of sexual aids, lubricants and toys for people with disabilities.

About Lavinia Winch

Lavinia Winch was responsible for Medical Liaison at The YES YESCompany for 10 years and is now Brand Ambassador for YES Organic Lubricants and Vaginal Moisturisers. She speaks from both a personal and professional perspective, integrating her own intimate health journey with the knowledge she has gained from liaisingwith Health Care Professionals, and addressing customer’s sexual health issues most of which are related to vaginal dryness and painful sex as menopausal side effects. In addition, Lavinia runs quarterly workshops at Breast Cancer Haven on ‘Managing intimate health after breast cancer’. These workshops offer support for women undergoing treatment for cancer, who are seldom prepared for the menopausal side effects of hormone therapy or chemotherapy which can affect vaginal and vulval health.

As a patient representative, Lavinia’s experience of a mis-diagnosed vulval condition, post-childbirth and menopausal vaginal dryness, a 2014 Endometrial Cancer diagnosis and a total hysterectomy, give her valuable insights into finding the most effectiveway to cope with these seldom discussed side effects of menopause. She is passionate about lifting the taboo on the subject and encouraging women, healthcare professionals and complementary therapists to work together to find the best solutions for each individual woman.There is simply not a ‘one size fits all’ answer!

Lavinia writes articles for magazines, blogs for websites and has been invited to speakat Women’s Health events.She was a guest speaker at theIPM’s(Institute of Psychosexual Medicine)Annual ScientificConference on Cancer and Sexuality. Recently she was a guest speaker at the launch of Dr Philippa Kaye’s book The M Word. Everything You Need to Know about the Menopauseand appeared alongside Philippa on a Latte Lounge Facebook Live video Q & A session on Menopause.