Sexual Aids/ Toys & Disability Panel

Moderated by Jeremy Shub, this session will have panelists discuss the use of sexual aids, lubricants and toys for people with disabilities.

Moderator: Jeremy Shub (Australia)


Soumyadip Rakshit (MysteryVibe, UK)

Lavinia Winch (Yesyesyes, UK)

Damian Weatherald (UK)

Francesca Cross (Pleasure Garden, UK)

About Soumyadip Rakshit

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of British sexual health company, MysteryVibe. Our company’s main focus is to make sexual health accessible to all across all ages, genders and orientations. I focus on pushing the boundaries on R&D, customer experience and supporting our long-term goal of changing perceptions around sexual health in a positive, empowering way.