Sexual Aids/ Toys & Disability Panel

Moderated by Jeremy Shub, this session will have panelists discuss the use of sexual aids, lubricants and toys for people with disabilities.

About Jeremy Shub

Jeremy currently works as a sex therapist, sex educator, Sexological Bodyworker, drug alcohol counsellor and sex coach. Jeremy uses He and They pronouns. He lives in Melbourne Australia. They identify as polyamorous, kinky and queer. Jeremy has university degrees in Education, Science, Creative Art and Sexual Health. They have facilitated many workshops on sexuality, relationships and frolicking. Jeremy is super passionate about sex positivity. He wants to live in a world where sex is seen as normal, healthy, pleasurable and profound. Jeremy travels nationally and internationally teaching about sexuality, relationships and body awareness. He is skilled as a sexological worker and has supported many people to heal, learn and grow with their erotic bodies. Jeremy is currently writing a book on sex positivity and wants to live in a world where we are free to express ourselves. 

Jeremy is available to sessions face to face, or online for international people.